How to input RGB color successfully in CSS course?


In the Make a Website course, I'm having trouble getting past the RGB section. Below is a screenshot of my code under H1 with the instructions to the left on what I need to do.

I've tried a different color with its respective RGB value and also tried adding ; after rgb. Googling this issue I've found that closing and opening worked, which I did but then had to go back in order to write the code down. Now I can't get past it. It seems this was a bug last year but had since been fixed. Was wondering if there was something wrong with the code, or how I can get past it.



I've just realised my reading comprehension failed me. I replaced the HEX value with the RGB value.

I'm still doing something wrong though.


I'm having the same trouble, idk how to write the code because i wrote as directed :confused:


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