How to host a file and build a webpage



Hello I am trying to make an html file but I don’t have any idea on what to make does anyone have any idea… The difficulty should be from low to medium-high… And how would I be able to host the file for free so I can share it with my friend?


I recommend trying out all the elements you know of so far and even ones you dont, play around with the elements listed here

My first project ever was a simple form, with two fields, 1 for username, and 2 for text area. I got imaginative and designed a “hello nametag” from it…

I think that your project will come together as you play around you will be inspired as you learn and practice using the html elements and css declarations!

Good luck and Happy Coding :tada:


you can host your website for free on github pages:

There are also other free hosting, depending on your needs.

if you are really lazy, you can use, and then just send the full-screen preview to your friends. But this is not really hosting your website


Thank you I will try that☺


And thank you too I will also try that☺


i guess you can try to use thimble



TNx! It realy help me


i didn’t get we where looking for editors, in that case, i recommend atom:

its simply to get starting with, real powerful and complete.


yeah this one, however it does not directly teach you,