How to go further in coding?

I have already learnt javascript on codecademy. i took the three month membership pro(covid-19) and i don’t mind learning javascript again on a few free websites. My general question is how do you get further in coding? I am a kid of 13 and i want to go further in coding. So… can anyone please tell me how to get further in coding after learning javascript? My main questions are -

Q.1) Please give an appropriate code editor where i can write my code and convert in into an apk file?(i mean like codecademy moderators… you should obvisously know… and if there isn’t a thing like that…plz tell me how you do it … create apps and games, convert it into apk file.)

Q.2) After learning javascript… should i learn more languages or just javascript enough?(to create apps and games)

Q.3) What should i learn next in javascript? (i mean i know what i learnt on codecademy was just an introduction to javascript…so that type is not enough to build applications and games…)

PLEASE answer my questions… codecademy moderators i hope you will help plz reply.


Thank you

Understand that learning more about programming languages will not take you further (I mean they will, but not very far!).
Think about the user, the customer, who will receive and/or benefit from your code.

More specific:
Learn what comes with creating apps and games.

  1. I would think to understand what addicts people to games.
  2. Learn what a user likes in a UI.
  3. etc…

For example,I want to be a Data Scientist, and from what I’ve seen so far, learning algebra and even calculus really helps you to understand those principles behind data.

If I wanted to show the relationship between two variables using a scatterplot, I would think to use a “line of best fit” to show the correlation. How do I get that? Linear regression (y=mx+b).

Did I already mention problem solving? Learn how to solve a problem.

  1. Understand the problem.
  2. Think about what we need to solve the problem.
  3. etc…

I suggest Visual Studio Code.

Maybe C++, Go, Swift, C#, Kotlin. But I suggest searching up what languages are most commonly associated with creating apps and games (because you can do it in any language, it is just easier in some).

I found that doing challenge projects and trying to use a programing language outside of learning helps to advance your knowledge.

For example, I needed to get a sentence in Spanish that contained a word I would input. There was a website for this, but inputting all the values one by one would have taken too long. That is why I created a program using the Python module Beautiful Soup do it for me. (Keep in mind I had no idea before making this program what Beautiful Soup was.) Guess how I learned it, GOOGLE.

If there is something I constantly repeat, it is GOOGLE. We have internet. Go search up some more courses to enroll in, extra info, etc.

Maybe sign up for a newsletter like “New Tips and Tricks about JS!” (not an actual newsletter) for extra information.

Get involved with multiple coding communities outside of Codecademy.

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Thank a lot ! but…can you convert visual studio code into an apk file?

No. Visual studio code is a text-editor to write code. VSCode might support tools which allow you to build apks.

Sounds like you are interested in building an android app, there are mainly two type of apps:

hybrid apps (using one codebase for both android and ios app)
native apps (separate apps)

hybrid apps can be build with different libraries, one of these libraries is react native. Which uses reactJS (a javascript library).

For a native android, you can use a JVM supported language (java and kotlin), and I would recommend android studio, given this IDE comes with the tools need to make APk’s.

each approach has there pros and cons. (hybrid apps are generally not suitable for games). So there is a lot to digest.

Thanks a lot!!! and are you are suggesting i should learn java and kotlin too?

what you do is up to you, and very likely dependent on your goals

Programming languages are just tools at the end of the day, use the right tool for the job. Learn programming concepts so you can more easily use multiple languages.

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