How to go clean new session?

Hello, I am very new in Coding. I am practising “codeacademy/pro”, Bicycle project. In the beginning, I used the wrong codes ( creating directory instead I used file creation ) . After a while, i realised and wanted to start again all codes. The problem is this used code file is not disappeared although I started as a new session. How can I do to start a clean new session?

Do you see a reset option in the menu on the top right side of the page?


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I am sorry I don’t see like the one you showed. Please see the image what I can see from here.


This might help:

Otherwise, you can use this command to delete a folder:

rm -r folderName

just replace folderName with the name of the folder you want to erase

Thanks, Irlfede I will try next time. This time , yesterday i didn’t even understand myself what I did, I typed" clear" about 10 times and finally it got rid off all things I didn’t want :):slight_smile: and the problem was sorted :slight_smile:

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