How to get the first reaction badge?

so according to here = Codecademy Forums
there is this badge that i get for the first reaction
Screenshot from 2023-08-10 16-58-26
but i couldn’t find a way to react to a post ? if it means to do a reply , i did 100 of does ? does anyone know how to get it ?

If you click into the badge, you get a fuller description of the conditions for its award…


That featureset isn’t enabled (at the time of writing) on Codecademy’s Discourse instance, so you’re not able to react to a post as “Cool!” etc. Ergo, that badge is (at the time of writing) unobtainable here.

As an aside, the gamification features can be helpful in motivating people to participate but I would point out that ultimately Codecademy - and, by association, these forums - are here to help people learn to code. If you’re spending more effort on chasing down a pointless badge on the boards rather than smashing out code to learn how it works, I’d argue you’re focussing on the wrong thing. :slight_smile: