How to get past instruction 02 of 74%

i am looking for any help that is giving to me. I seem to be stuck on instruction 2 because it wont show nutting after i type Ctrl +O as the same goes for the rest of the instruction. So any advice will be very welcome.


What browser OS do you use? For me CTRL+O then ENTER and CTRL+X to close works.

You have to press the combination CTRL + O, not type it into the terminal.

and than what because your suggestion does not update the progress…

If you press CTRL+X, it will ask you if you want to save before exit, say YES, then confirm the directory where you want to save the file.

FYI everyone, all you have to do is open the nano as stated in the first step, than on the second step do not open the nano interface, just type “Hello, I am nano.” into the base editor & hit enter (at the point the green arrow should illuminate) than follow the last two steps & your done.

let me know if you need a walk through as this step gave a major headache


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Thats because you are typing command+O and not CTRL+O.

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Then you probably need to focus the exercise instead of your browser maybe just click on the exercise.

I would agree. Sometimes it is a browser or window thing. Try clicking away from the window and then try again. I also use Sublime text and then I copy and paste into the browser window because of many issues with cntrl o snd v thang

Good Luck

This was the right answer in my case. I’m using mac, same thing was happening to me, but when I pressed “control” and not command, it worked

i had the same trouble at first but… tbf …i think that was more a case of it being due to me not really knowing what I was supposed to be doing… and so far i had just familiarised myself to getting used to seeing mostly a black command window

I had not really taken note properly that in this lesson we were going to build on from the use of the black screen command window and incorporate ‘nano’ to utilise further provisions that become available to us

‘We’ll begin by learning to use a simple, command line text editor called nano’

So, when the instructions indicate ‘this will opent the nano text editor’ tbh I failed to appreciate that at this point we were getting introduced to a similar command window

Ok nice but dim shud’ve named me Tim might be my nickname but don’t be too hard on me after all I am learning a new subject from scratch …right?

Anyway, slowly…get a move of speedy but surely, I eventually noticed…doh! the penny drops… that this time there is a bit more to the window at the bottom of screen and also notice it becomes more a black and white in this similar command window.

That said, even when I entered control (Ctrl) + (O) simultaneously, , I still didn’t notice the the white space line at the bottom of the command screen had changed slightly.

In fact, it took ages for me to realise this…tbh…as embarrassing as it was to say this, I kept going back and restarting the lesson. I even had a look in the forum to see if there was already anything posted about issues relating to struggling to get past this ctrl + O task!

Thankfully, after much persistence and happenstance, I noticed the slight change in the whitespace bar line at the bottom of the command window and finally realised I was actually doing as instructed

and then, just needed to simply go onto the next task in the lesson and hit enter followed by ctrl + X.

In hindsight…Oh how easy it is and how daft I felt not following those simple instructions …again …i put this down to being in unfamiliar territory so noticing these subtleties is not instinctive for me haha.

Anyhoo… This, in turn led me back to seeing the familiar $ prompt I had become used to navigating with and was then able to enter clear that enabled me to complete the task.

I suppose when you are used working with a command window and undertaking tasks that have become routine it may seem strange that newcomers to the subject can’t quite grasp the instructions that for you, seem really clear.

And, well, yes, indeed, the instructions are clear but lest the creators forget, if someone is not at all familiar with the surroundings (just like when you visit a different place in the real world) it takes a bit of getting used to finding your bearings.

And, of course that saying about only being human plays a small role too - I admit I am prone to forgetting the earlier instructions even if I were just taught them as it often takes a me few times around the block practicing tasks before it really sinks in and then when the penny does finally drop, well, its like riding a bike or jumping in a car, I obviously go into auto pilot…

courtesy of ur pal …nbtscmt…nice but dim shud;ve called me Tim…haha.

These are just my observations and must admit I am glad we have this forum in which to post our issues whilst we continue with our learning,

Thank you for the help