How to get my Pro membership back?

Hi team,

So I was lucky enough to receive my Pro membership due to the loss of my job from COVID.

On my account I had done some partial work on some of the courses so I decided to start from scratch again, however, what I did was delete my account to start again…

After signing up again with the same email address I’m back to being a free user?

So I lost my Pro membership within minutes of receiving it :frowning: is it possible to get it back again?

Can someone help me please, I really need this to be able to study and level up!


Hello @chrislaupama, welcome to the forums. I’m not sure there’s much you can do, but you could submit a ticket to the help centre (, and see what they say.

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As @codeneutrino said, you need to raise a ticket with the Codecademy Customer Support team. We can’t restore your account or do anything with regards to billing / Pro subscriptions here on the forum.

You can open a ticket here: