How to get motivated

I suggest to find out if you have motivation, look at things in your life that youre already motivated to do. In other words, what do you do every day that takes no effort to start doing? You wake up and you do it the first thing. And you do it everyday without fail!

That’s the energy you need for programming. If that’s hard to come by then I suggest you think on a “project” level instead of a coding student level. List 5 things you wish were better in your life? List 5 things you wish were better in the world? Take those 5 things (or 10 things) and write a short paragragh for each describing what it means to you and how you want to be a part of this awesome thing you really like. After that, of those 10 things, which one really grabs your mind and interest.

Take that one thing, and start sketching an app or website that explores this one thing. To sketch, use Powerpoint, or Keynote, or Illustrator or paper and pencil/markers. Map out ideas for this “one thing you love” and map out visuals for webpages or how it looks on a smart phone screen.

Map out each screen and specifically what each screen webpage communicates to the user. Use colorful designs, images, drawings, textits an art project, basically!

If you can accomplish that, then you’re ready to go with programming because programming is just a means to accomplish your bigger, better, real-life dream: that ONE THING you love and want to do or communicate to the world.


Even though this post is from months ago, it should be brought to the forefront because many learners (including myself) get stuck at the “I finished the HTML/CSS courses so… now what” stage.

Your post is a great starting point to continuing practice through DOING something with the knowledge. Combining technical know-how with creative vision isn’t an easy task, especially with a new skill like coding. It’s akin to the frustration of having a great idea but not having the skill to execute the idea exactly the way you imagined it.

Coding is iterative, never permanent. It’s a fluid, messy process of trial and error. This is a hard pill to swallow for perfectionists like myself who want everything to be perfect the first time.

I will give your project idea a try. It might be the crappiest website you’ve ever seen, but it’s SOMETHING, and that’s what matters.


This is the kind of articles I need to read today. I’m a 38-year-old beginner in this world, and I often feel overwhelmed about if someday I will be able to apply this on a career.
I suppose step by step.
Thanks for sharing this.

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