How to get internship in Europe?

I don’t have any experience of work, but I have portfolio with my studied projects. I am from Ukraine and I wanna get internship in Europe. How can I do that?
P.S. I don’t have any money for lawyers.

Hey! Not from Europe, but hope I have some helpful advice. In today’s day and age, a lot of being able to get a job depends on… wait for it, the power of networking. I am a student looking to start a blog, and I wanted to use these forums to gain experience. While stumbling upon online inspiration, I found a called Scientix that you can visit at It’s basically and community for development in science in Europe. They have webinars, and a lot of other neat resources, that you can check out. Some tips I would recommend:

  • Get yourself an account on social media, and follow them, see what they’re language is like and what they like to post about.
  • Attend webinars and make your voice be heard, so they know who you are and you develop a mutual understanding
  • Communicate by email and ask if they have any internship locations
  • Finally, see if you can start a project or initiate a movement that they would like. Talk to them about it, and see if you can base your internship off of that idea.
    That’s all I got, hope it helped!

Hello @polen35,
I started a new website ( just to put my learnings from Codecademy into action and experiment with different things. Also being an english speaker, language can be a barrier in Europe so I decided to put together all the jobs and internships available in EU. You can find different internships and jobs and always happy to connect to talk more about coding.


I checked out your website, wow it’s really impressive. Love the initiative as well.