How to get exactly 15px margin between 'Locations' heading and container below

In Tea Cozy project in the locations section, the design spec shows a 15px margin between the bottom of the text ‘Locations’ and the container below. I can’t seem to get this margin to exactly 15px because when i set the bottom margin of the Locations heading and the top margin of the container below to 0px, there is still a slight gap between the two elements.
Screenshot 2024-04-01 locations section and gap margin 0px
The screenshot above shows a slight gap between the ‘Locations’ text and the top of the element below with the black background, even though the margins are set to 0px.
Screenshot 2024-04-01 locations section and gap margin design spec
The screenshot above is what it is supposed to look like in design spec. It shows exactly 15px. How do I get it exactly 15px when there is extra space added to this as shown in first screenshot?

I just worked it out. I just changed the height of the h2 element containing the ‘Locations’ text. Does anyone know if the 15px margin in design spec is supposed to go right up to the Locations text exactly or are we supposed to allow it to be slightly bigger gap then 15px by taking into account the default height of the h2 element?

I think that it is supposed to be 15px right up to the bottom of the Locations text. That is the way I understood it when I did the project.

When looking at the design spec screenshot the gap looks larger then the gap that I have when i reduce the height of the h2 element text, so maybe it just means to have 15px margin-top for the location section box without reducing the h2 element height.

Yes I don’t think you need to reduce the size of the H2. It should be 15px from the bottom of the H2 text to the top of the Middle address Div.