How to get better at code?

i have been learning to code for a while now.But am only sticked to the websites and the related courses and i think this might not be enough in order to have a grasp over the present knowlegde that I have.So I just want to seek an advice on how I can go further to widen the range of my ability to code.

Thanks for taking your time to read and reply!

My best advice is to keep learning & growing and if you haven’t already, start building your own projects. (You didn’t mention what languages you’re learning so I can’t be more specific here.)
If this platform isn’t enough, seek out other resources like books, coding groups/meetups, etc.
Also, focus on projects that matter to you, not what you think matters to anyone else or any potential employer. If you’re excited about a subject or creating a website or app, or exploring a data set then that’s what matters and will solidify your knowledge.

You could also peruse this category as there are several posts with a similar question and tons of great advice from other learners.

As @lisalisaj stated, project based learning is a great way to solidify your learning.

Here’s a GitHub repo that offers a diverse range of projects you can work on. I would suggest diving into some of these projects.