How to get animated profile picture

I have a download animated profile picture I would like to use. How do I correctly upload it so it will work?

Can’t you simple go to account and set a .gif as profile picture? I have no idea, but i noticed @jibblyj had animated picture, so i am sure he can tell you

I am having problems with that at the moment too unfortunately, I’m sure that it’s being taken care of as we speak however so just try tomorrow and it should be good to go!

I can’t change my picture at all at the moment. The option to do it is just missing.

My profile picture is an animated .gif image. I changed it on the main site as there was not the option to do so here.


That makes sense, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. :dizzy_face:

I thought of that, but it wasn’t working for the longest time

Certain gifs cause errors as certain others work. I’ve found that square gifs seem to work.