How to get a job?

Completed some coerces like python and html. what’s next, what are the requirements to get a job.

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I don’t think there’s a single correct answer to that question.

What I would advise that you do would be to look at job boards and recruitment ads for where you live, or the areas you’d consider working in, and see what they’re asking for.

Once you know what the expectations are, you have something to work towards. :slight_smile:


I posted this a while back:


Depending on where you live, what you are interested in, and your age, you have many options.

For example, if you are studying, you should look for companies where you live that offer internships. Or at the bare minimum, try to reach out on social media to engineers of those companies and see if they can help you with any tips or information.

If you are already working and looking for a career change, the network is still important and could open a lot of doors. Find online meetups and workshops (a lot of them are free) to build relationships, you’ll be surprised how friendly people can be. They could point you in the right direction of things to learn and focus on to make it to roles similar to theirs.

Another idea is to go to job sites, search for the sort of job you’d like, and taking notes on the requirements and skills these jobs have. Find what’s common in all of them, and learn those skills first.

Last but not least, work on your portfolio. No matter what you want to do or where, most certainly everyone will recommend you to work on personal projects and to get contribute to open-source projects. So get a head start and find things you want to build and build them! That will show initiative, self-organization, capacity to learn, and skill. All good things to showcase when trying to get a job :+1:


Thanks a lot, that really helped