How to format an entire page's font?



Not stuck at an exercise. What I would like to know is whether there is a way to format a font at the entire page or a specific section without having to do "style="font-family"" each time.

There are no error messages because I set the font to Arial for every text box.

<DOCTYPE html>
	<title style="font-family: Arial"> What is loves lol kekkekeke </title>
	<head><h2 style="font-family: Yoster Island"> Hi, I'm Ωsad!</h2>
	<body style=“font-family: Arial; font-size: 16opx">
    <p style="font-family: Arial"><em>Hello!</em> You guys (or singular person, because I don’t expect a lot of people to see this)! This is my website, probably exclusively for Super Smash Bros. and some of my films. Well, a few things about myself, in no specific order: 
		<ul style="font-family: Arial"> <strong>The Things</strong>
			<li> I like coding </li>
			<li> And Super Smash Bros. </li>
			<li> And Metal Gear Solid, even though I’m not allowed to play it </li>
			<li> And films</li>
	<p style="font-family: Arial"> Maybe later I’ll put some more links on here, for your video viewing pleasure. Until then, be satisfied with this picture of <a href=“”> The Black Parade </a> </p>


well, if you add the style attribute to body opening tag, that should do the trick. style on title doesn't do anything


except, if you look at this bit off code:


is the wrong symbol, it should be ". Don't get to comfortable using the style attribute, you will learn css soon enough


Thank you, a lot! That fixed it!


Is CSS very different from html?


Also, this bit:

font-size: 16opx

it is 16px, you not 16opx