How to fix the 1% bug



I just finished the JavaScript course and it just shows I just completed 1%. Does anybody know how to fix this?



Sounds like you take one of the old no longer supported course, can you share an url to see what course you take?

the fix would be to visit and pick a supported course.


Thanks for your reply. This is the link:
It is an old course, but where I am working they give an extra bonus once you complete certain courses (this is one of them), so it would be cool to fix this.
But yes, for sure next time I will choose a supported one.
Thank you!


then i would recommend you to tell your boss/manager about this. I am honestly surprised codecademy keeps the outdated courses (like the one you take) online. I think that is still the plan, to take them down.

so its ill advised to take the hidden course, given they could be taken down the next day.


@stetim94 But on the other hand, the hidden courses teach you a lot more then regular courses. You could also just show them the badge.


In the early days, everyone could write courses. Which has both pros and cons (who controls the quality vs more courses). The feature for everyone to add courses was removed

and codecademy no longer maintained them, so they come full of bugs. So i wouldn’t take them, i would find better resources then

Given the courses are so old, maybe some of the things taught are outdated


Yup, that is right. I already sent the batch but unfortunately they just want to see the 100% completed, so no bonus for me. But, there are worse things in life! Thanks for taking the time to reply! Cheers


@mercedes28 I think your company should make you do projects instead, because you can find the answers to codecademy courses online extremely easily. In fact there is a a whole repository on Github devoted to it.


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