How to fix terminal error: cannot execute binary file ecet format error


I’ve been doing the c++ course, but I can’t seem to use the terminal correct.
I get the error: Cannot execute binary file: exec format error.
I looked on google, and its all in words I don’t understand yet… I’m very new to all this.
Could someone help me, and be extra simple in words please?

oke, it works on internet explorer, not google chrome.
Could someone explain to me why?

Maybe the course author placed their program compiled for mac in the workspace, and what you did to fix that was to recompile the code. You may also have changed browser but that had nothing to do with it.
(i see lots of mac files in course workspaces for whatever reason, no idea why they add them to the exercise workspaces, presumably some drag and drop deal rather than copying only the files that should be there)