How to find help?


I’m here because I hit a link my question is really immaterial to the much bigger questions below:
Is this a dead site? - if not please tell me where I can ask and get Python Q’s and A’s
How in the world did you guys even find this area? - it keeps running me in circles on the Python help - one leads to the archived section and then the other leads you to supposedly the new site but ultimately leads you back to the archived section.


Hi @coursesolver30562,

You found the correct place to ask for help. When you are on an exercise, just click the link below the instructions that reads “Community Forums”. See the screen shot below.

Also see important advice in Quick Tips for Writing Good Posts.


Yeah, I’ve hit it before. That’s a big reason why I’m asking. It leads nowhere. I can’t find anything for Python except dead links. There’s no actual help is there?
If there is you guys hide it well.


After you get to the Community Forums, scroll down to find this link to the Python discussions …

A click on that will take you here …

Then scroll way down to see links to recent discussions. One of them might relate to whatever problem you are having with your code. If not, then start a new discussion. When writing your post, conform to the advice in Quick Tips for Writing Good Posts, cited above.


yeah, that’s what I was afraid of.
Oh well, if that’s all you have then that’s all you have.


If you have a specific question regarding your code, post that code in a formatted condition so that we can see its indentation and other details, specify any error messages that you have received, then ask any questions you need answered. Users and/or Moderators will respond with help.

There is also a Python FAQ category that might be helpful for general issues as well as for detailed problems that arise frequently.


My experience with FAQs tells me that if something isn’t there then the FAQ won’t address it. I was really just trying to find some sort of chapter summary which explained why this code was used and not this or just to see what their code looked like.
Doesn’t really look like you have anything like that.


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