How to find a made-up phrase? From Codeacademy -- Analyze Data with SQL -- Quries extra project: Davie's Burgers Subway Ad

Can anyone help me with this question? Thanks a lot!

"-- 10

– Challenge

– They have asked you to query the customer who made the phrase.

– Return the item_name restaurant_id, and user_id for the person who created the phrase."

My understanding is to find phrases that are made-up by the user. I looked through all the special instructions, and I did find “asdfjkl;” and ‘asdf’. However, how would you find these phrases?

It might be worth viewing the How to ask good questions (and get good answers) FAQ as this question could benefit from a little altering, e.g. what have you tried (formatted code) and a link to the lesson itself. At a guess/hint you want to find an entry WHERE a particular string or substring is matched?