How to extract formulas for loops/general programming

Hello, I am a bit confused on how we get some formulas. Here is a link to “Sal’s Shipping”

I figured out the formula on this one but the more complicated ones i become lost on. I cannot find the lesson but if i do i will update this, but for example if we have to do a loop and exponent each one then divide to total of all that by the average then check if that is equal to another equasion/formula. Maybe i’m just over complicating it but, I just can’t seem to get it. I am also unable to find a decent explaination through research on it. I’m a bit lost on this and though i will not give up it is a bit discouraging…Esspecially since I am trying to get into data science/computer science which, i’m sure we all know requires alot of that.

Summing up, could someone please try to simplify how we extract and apply these formulas? Thank you.

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First off, data and computer science are university level disciplines that depend heavily upon analytic maths, so expect to hit a few walls if the math concepts are foreign.

We may be able to assist if given what code you have so far. Please post it in a reply.


I absolutely expect to hit walls, I honestly look forward to it because it is either climb over or smash through, no turning around now. I’m still trying to find the exercise it was in, forgive me, I should have been more prepared before posting. >.> I can’t find it but I will post on this if i find it and the same if i just figure it out. I mean, Sal’s Shipping was enough of an introduction to understand it if I break it down. Sorry if I wasted your time and thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

Also, I would be able to learn what someone would learn in college by just reading and applying what i’m reading. In my opinion the beauty of programming is that it forces you to learn how to think, simplify and pay attention to detail which is enough for me to jump in. Second Edit Not to mention Codecademy has some really good projects that give a great introduction on these things.