How to export into actual program

I want to share my project with someone and i was wondering how to make it into an actual program to play

Can you explain what you mean, exactly, by “actual program”?

I see adventure and javascript in the tags, i assume you want to share code of the build your own adventure track (part one or two)?

yeah that’s what i ment

I would make a html document, and then link a javascript file to it. You know how to do this?

Then you can host this pages on for example github pages. Or you can use something like jsbin, jsfiddle or codepen if just want it to show to your friend.

Does this answer your question?

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Thanks! But how do i host it on github?

You make a .html and .js file on your computer, you link them together. You go here, select: project site, then select: start from scratch, then follow the on screen instructions

Assumption: you have a github account(github signup)

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Thanks for the help!

No problem, feel free to ask if you get stuck somewhere down the line. I am sure we can help you out