How to Execute/Run R on CodeAcademy?


Predicting Income with Social Data’ and there is only ‘SAVE’ button no ‘RUN’ button in what seems like Rmarkdown. This creates a problem as I want to execute the code and see where I did a mistake, but I can only press SAVE which leads to knitted outcome where no errors are thrown only correct code executes and incorrect code is not even shown. Is there maybe something wrong in my settings? Anyway, I would like to learn from mistakes instead of knowing only when the thing is right.


“Save” and “Run” are the same thing. Perhaps you don’t have any errors in the code(?)

Can you export the data set and run the code elsewhere to see if there are errors? (R Studio for example.)

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Hello everyone,

I am also having the same problem. That why I am trying to use the csv file to do the project with R Studio.
But I have some trouble using the file. The data structure that i am using is not great.
See under:

df ← read.csv(“psid_2017.csv”, header = T, sep = “,”, quote= “”)

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