How to: Enroll on a Course


Sorry for the maybe obvious question but how can I enroll on a course? I have completed many courses and understand that you are automatically enrolled when you click on the button “Start” course. This adds the course to your “Home” page.

However, if I am browsing through the catalog and see a course that interests me, how can I enroll on it in such a way that I can start it later from my “Home” page?

Up until now I have been clicking “Start Course” and once I have been linked to the first page of the first lesson, escaping back to home. However, it’s annoying because when I do end up taking that course when I click “Resume” i don’t get to see the first page which often covers key introductory information.

Any ideas? I feel as though I have missed something really obvious…

Hello @zakalvve ,

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If you resume a course, you should be able to click on the Back button at the bottom right corner of the screen to view any previous pages of the course. I don’t think there is another way to “Enroll” into a course.

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Okay, thanks. I guess it’s not that bad to just remember to click back! :slight_smile:

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