How to document my learning



I am learning Python with Codecademy. This is great and I am very happy with it (though it s sometimes challenging I must admit).

As I am advancing in the course, I try to document my learning by copying the code and my commments in a simple word document (I use it as a first library/resource of what I learn).

this is ok but very simple and I wonder if you have ideas about something better ?

it s far from perfect mainly because of the indentation issues (when I use google doc for ex) and this is less readable than on the black screen with colors as it is on a normal coding screen).

thanks for sharing ideas and simple solutions.




is certainly a better choice, its a text-editor designed for coding

plus points for atom:

lots of cool easy to install plugins
designed for coding

For the rest, i would make a directory (folder) in your documents (or directly under c:\users\your_username) named projects, for all your coding projects (you are going to need this), inside the projects directory, make a directory named codecademy, where you can store everything you copy paste from the lessons

Keep things organized, absolutely needed for programmer


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