How to do the 'Review' tasks on the 'Understanding Logic in C#' lesson

On the review section of this lesson i’m getting stuck. Can someone give me a rundown of how to complete them both? I’m talking about the tasks that say :

"Now that you know a few things about boolean data types, comparison operators and logical operators, try writing a program that:

  • Checks a password if it has uppercase letters and doesn’t include symbols
  • Tells you if you should watch a TV show if it has your favourite actor or is your favourite drama".



Welcome to the forums.

Here we have a policy about giving out code without seeing what you have already (basically, we don’t do it). Would you be able to post the code you have, as well as a link to the lesson you’re referring to?



Here’s the link ^

For the code I don’t have any. I just wanted to know the actual solution to it so I can better understand how to do it.

Cheers Donnie, appreciate the aid.