How to do exercise 9.Font Color


Hi, I'm not too sure how to solve exercise 9, I've looked at the example but I don't understand what I'm supposed to do. It'd be a great help if you could help me solve it!


Well, we can help you solve it. Could you show what you have so far? So we know where you get stuck


Hello again. I've figured out exercise 9, but when I try to submit it, I get a message saying "Did you remember to make the second paragraph red?" And it is red, it shows me that it's red, but it won't let me submit it. Can someone help me?


Hi Kenedylou,

It would be helpful to see your code so we can direct you but pay particular attention to the format of your code -- Make sure you open and close brackets and quotation marks correctly, for example. This is often where the problem lies.


Here it is. The second paragraph is clearly red.


try putting a space between the red and the ; in front of the font thats the only difference between our code and mine works


Done. Didn't work...


oh found it delete the


paragraph thing in front of the style


Holy crap. I swear I tried that. Well, it worked. Thank you! :grin:


That worked? Too bad, it should be the reverse. the h2 tag on line 7 should be a h1 tag, and on line 8 and 9, you should have added the style attribute to the paragraph opening tag.

style is an attribute, which you can add to a opening tag, so lets say we have a paragraph:

<p>i am a paragraph</p>

then you can add the style attribute to the paragraph opening tag without creating additional opening tags:

<p style="">i am a paragraph</p>

the h2 in the left column (instructions) is on purpose, to see if you understood the fact of how the style attribute worked


dont add paragraph thing in front of the style ok have a nice day :slightly_smiling: