How to do "every Heading part 8"?


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Hi Deni,

Can you please post the problem you have with the lesson, and then someone will be able to step in and try to help you. :slight_smile:



I'm having a problem with Part 8 as well. It says "oops, try again. did you remember to add all three extra sets of


		Headings & Paragraphs
	<h2>Big Heading</h2>
	    <p>This is the biggest heading</p>
    <h4>Medium Heading</h4>
        <p>This is the middle heading</p>
    <h6>Small Heading</h6>
        <p>This is the smallest heading</p>


Hi Jessica,

Your code looks fine (I assume you have a !DOCTYPE tag at the top of page as well!).

You get that error message because the exercise instructions ask you to "Add three more headings to the codeā€¦". So you need to add three additional headings, and three additional paragraphs to the ones you'd already done in the previous exercise, i.e. you end up with six headings ranging from the biggest to the smallest, and six paragraphs, one under each heading, like so:

h1 heading

h2 heading

h3 heading

h4 heading

h5 heading

h6 heading

Hope that helps you out :relaxed:


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