How to do Codecademy project locally?

I’ve completed all the Projects under the Computer Science career path, but I wish to also do them locally, and save the product. But most of the projects are in Python, and involves interaction with the terminal. e.g. Blossom and Maze Explorer.
Unlike Web Development projects in JS/HTML/CSS, where I can easily use VSCode and GitHub and view the sites or even upload online, I don’t know how or where to create these Computer Science Python projects myself, outside of Codecademy. I tried VSCode and PyCharm, but I don’t know how to interact with the terminal, like the one Codecademy conveniently provides. How do I go about doing this?

You would use your computer’s regular command-line interface.

On Windows, that would be the Command Prompt (cmd.exe). On Linux/Mac, it’s the Terminal.

Provided you have Python installed, you should be able to run a Python program by navigating to the location where your program is saved and entering python into the shell. (On Mac/Linux you may need to use python3

You can also get the interactive Python interpreter prompt by simply typing python.


Ahhh, I should’ve guessed as much. Thanks!

Follow-up question: What if I make a Python program and want to send it to someone, or showcase it on my portfolio or something? Is sharing the link to the code on GitHub and making them run from their own command-line the best I can do, or is there a better and less troublesome way?

Thank you for all this information

You could use something like which is an online IDE-like site. You used to be able to test it out as an “anonymous” guest, but they removed that feature (and some others) for security reasons a little while ago.

You’d be able to create projects on there - you can link to GitHub too - and have the program code visible, along with an emulated terminal to run it.

Here’s an example of what it looks like; this was a small project that I spun up a while ago when I wanted to quickly test something relating to HTTP headers in Django.

Other similar sites are around that do the same thing, but is quite a popular one. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, you’ve been a great help! :grin: