How to do a quick review?

Hi fellow coders!
let’s say you have to take some distance from your course bcs an asteroid hit u XD
how do you catch a quick review? i didn’t see much stuff, and i don’t want to go through the whole course for reviewing. what are options except the app and projects? projects are cool and all, but help with practice, not review.

Have you tried browsing the cheatsheets?

You can select what you’ve broadly been learning from the list on the left-hand side to filter the cheatsheets and find relevant options to explore.

I use cheatsheets to recap my learning in the following ways (sharing in case it’s helpful - feel free to take any ideas you like and discard the rest)

  1. Since cheatsheets often cover essential principles, syntax, and key terminology, I scan read them to check I understand the foundational elements before moving on to more advanced topics.

  2. Instead of just reading through the cheatsheets passively, I try to actively recall the information. For example, I might try to explain the concepts in my own words or teach them to someone else.

  3. I try to practice and test I can apply the knowledge I have recapped using code challenges.

yes i have tried cheatsheets, but they miss a lot of material, tiny details that are important. and thanks, will try to put the method you said to use. who knows, maybe it’s problem solved