How to disable the "Having trouble?" dialogue box?


Is it possible to disable the “Having Trouble?” dialogue box?

I like to explore the commands as I learn them, so I often do things outside what the tutorial “expects”. It’s a tad bit irritating, however, that if I explore “too much” this dialogue box pops up and interrupts this process. Most often, I’m not having any trouble and just want to play with it!

Can someone please advise (if it is possible to do so) how I can disable this pop-up?

Many Thanks,



Apologies for the late response:

Unfortunately it is not possible to disable this pop up, to my knowledge. I agree with you in the sense that you like to explore the commands as you learn them, and codecademy can block that. A simple fix for you, put git onto your own computer and try to recreate the environment codecademy has provided for you as closely as possible, so you can have free reign over what commands you use and how you explore them. I do this for many languages including python, java, and javascript. Hope this helps.

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