How to Delete Comments

My previous account was deleted, and I would really like to delete a comment I made.
Is this possible?

thanks in advance

Hi @johnnybridger,

If you flag the comment saying it’s yours and you’d like it deleted, or you message a moderator about it, we might be able to delete it for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying

But its on the read-only forum, tried flagging it as suggested but it doesn’t work out. any suggestions

If it’s on the old forums, I think the only thing you can do is wait until the entire forum gets removed, sorry :confused:

If you can point me at the comment, and if I am convinced that it is your comment – that is very important, then I will remove it for you.



Can I ask you for deleting my old 3 comments? My old account is removed and forum is in read only mode. Could you tell me how can I send links to them?

As stated earlier by @zystvan archived posts are read-only and cannot be deleted. Hopefully that part of the old forums is never removed. It is way to well indexed by search engines and still contains valuable information.

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Sure, but I don’t want my name appear there. Earlier it was not shown while I was checking my name in google, but recently that comments appeared and not with my login name, but real one.
That is why I am asking for a procedure of deleting my comments to posts.

There is nothing anybody can do. The comments cannot be removed. Lesson here being if you don’t want your posts to linger on the internet, then don’t post. What goes on the web tends to stay on the web.

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