How to decide between video and embed?

Video can also be a self-closing tag.

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I have tried to add controls to embed, and I see controls doesnt appear just a video,( embed controls src= β€œ”/> when I put the link into the video tag
<video src= β€œ”/ controls> "/video> the video doesnt work, I can see only controls panel and now I woder why (code contain mistakes I had to omiss < here because when I put it on the forum it doesnt appear)

This is like, a year old but just for anyone else browsing this in the future.
It’s for clarity sake. It makes it instantly recognizable, without you having to, read embed, scan the line, and find out the source to then find out if you’re looking at a video, picture, or gif, ect.

You can use embed for displaying video as well. But as the lesson mentioned that it is a deprecated element and should not be used anymore. However, since the websites might already have this code. it is important to know about it.