How to create multiple webpages in text editor

im currently on the html portion of the full stack program and cant complete the final project as i dont know how to create multiple pages in my text editor, or for that matter how to structure my files so as to open them together in my text editor. If anyone could be so kind as to show me how this is accomplished i would be ever so thankful.

webpages are just files being rendered by the browsers. A text-editor is capable of opening multiple files (file -> new or file -> open). What text-editor do you use?

hi thanks for the reply, what i mean is that when im using my text editor (atom) i can open a file, but i dont understand how to open two together if that makes sense. also, when im creating files to open i dont know how to structure them or name them so i can open them as two pages together in Atom

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Sorry to barge in but do you mean you want to open up two different files at the same time? Or do you want to split the screen?

what i mean is i can create one html page that looks and works fine, but i want to be able to make it so theres two pages or more like a normal website has, like i have my index page but then i want to link to another page like a contact page. this is whats stopping me from finishing the html portion of the class.

so you want two different html pages in your code and you want to know how to link them?

You can link them together by making an <a> tag and linking using the files name

So in index.html:

<a href="contact.html">Contacts</a>

If you click this link, it will take you to the contacts.html page if it is in the same folder

yes exactly, i dont understand how to do that. This includes how to name and structure my files so i can open them in Atom. Thank you again i know its hard to understand what im saying since i dint know how to word it properly

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So my last post shows how to link them together. Here is how you would create two different files:

So when you start up Atom, you get this:

Go ahead and run Ctrl-N to open up the creation process to a new file

A new untitled file should appear:

See? Now I have two open. Now go back to the first one and run Ctrl-S:

You should get this screen or something like it. Save the file as Index.html
Once you have done this, repeat the same thing with the other untitled file, this time saving it as contact.html.

Then, copy and paste this code into the index.html file:

<a href="contact.html">Contacts</a>

Then, go to your file opener and open index.html. You should get this:

If you click that link, you will go to the contact.html page.

Does this explain what you want?

Thank you so much! I think this solves my problem, i have work in a few minutes or id go try it right now. ill give it a go when i get off work tonight! you’re awesome for helping me out.

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Awesome! I’m so glad!

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