How to create an Instagram liking//following//commenting bot?


I've been searching for nearly half an hour now on how to go about creating a bot that automatically executes the most resourceful commands for Instagram.

I will lay out what I've thought about so far:

  • Multiple accounts required
  • Possible VPN needed? (does Instagram limit logging from multiple accounts on the same IP?)
  • Simple application or api//user interface - nothing fancy
  • Logging into accounts from preloaded text-log?
    (I'll make a note of all account usernames and passwords and it'll be able to read each account logging into all of them simultaneously - this is crucial to making this work, is it possible?)
  • When it comes down to getting technical with likes and followers, how can I go about creating a slider//or a place where I can input an amount I want to select. An example: 100 likes
  • Code that'll allow the api to go to the link to perform a task, for an example a link to an Instagram profile where it can perform the following task.

That's all I can think of at the moment, I will add more//forgotten ideas should they arise.

If you have any helpful information on how to go about doing any of this, please do share.

Thanks in advance, really appreciate you taking the time to read.
- Purp


Hi @purpdogg,

creating a bot that automatically executes [...] commands for Instagram

Automating requests (a.k.a., spamming) on Instagram is illegal:

Do not abuse the API Platform, automate requests, or encourage unauthentic behavior. This will get your access turned off.
- Instagram Developer Documentation


Oops, wasn't aware of that.

My apologies :sweat_smile: