How to create an AR app

Hey there,
I’m a digital artist and I want to give the visitors of my next exhibition in February in Lyon the possibility of having an AR experience interacting with my paintings. That is scanning a QR code should allow people to see the painting coming to life with simple animation in it.

does anyone have n idea on what is the best way and how difficult it is to create an app like this one ?

What I’d like to obtain is something similar on what I did in this stop motion: A flower gun in Piazza San Marco in Venice - Limited edition Fine Art Print by Mathia Pagani - YouTube

I’ve been creating website for some years and I’m good with HTML JS and CSS, I found out and took the course for A-frame on CodeCademy and I’m currently studying C# but at the moment my level is not that experienced.

I would really appreciate any suggestion about that
Thank you in advance