How to create an algorithm similar to or

Hi all,

I am planning to build a website like or which collects emails + other information and introduces you to a random match via email .

How do you create an algorithm for the making the connection and automating the mailing process ? My making experience is pretty much limited to building a WordPress site and some HTML/CSS ,but if you can guys can provide me some direction,Iโ€™ll hustle and learn the rest :slightly_smiling:

Have a great weekend :smile:

Since this question is in ruby, i would start by creating a database in which you can store emailadresses and stuff (user accounts, maybe good idea?). I recommend ruby on rails, a framework which makes this a lot easier. There are courses right here on codecademy

Then i would check out this page to set up emails in the first place.

Build that first, which is plenty of work, then we can talk about the algorithm.

The network has a lot of free algorithms have been laid out in free access, hereโ€™s one of them. If you need more options for just google))