How to create a TRUE Python program

Hey guys.

So I have been studying Python for some time now, finished the primary course and have done some other ones.

With this knowledge I decided to create a project, right now I have written some code and some functionality, but everything is done by the terminal.

Does Codecadamy have any coursers related to creating a fully fleshed-out Python program? I want to convert the script to a true .exe, with a GUI , inputs outside the terminal, etc…

If anyone is interested here is the basic program: GitHub - pedrodeoliamarante/roadto10k. There isn’t much yet but the idea is to create a program where I can save data on what i have been studying, set goals, etc…

Thanks for reading!

It depends on your definition of true program. Python is not known for incredible gui frameworks but you can play around with tkinter or something like that if you want to keep it strictly in python.

If you want an icon you can click and have run you can do that with pyinstaller fairly easily: Using PyInstaller to Easily Distribute Python Applications – Real Python


Hm, so Python is more of a language direct to more direct problems you would say?
To create more fleshed out programs what would you recommenced?
I really liked Python while doing my project because of Panda, as .csv files is my primary method of storing data.
Javascript maybe?
Or is there a way to mix python with other languages? My program idea isn’t something too complex so maybe that is not necessary.

Python is a very flexible language that can do many things. It’s known as a “glue” language because it can stitch together a lot of different languages but honestly it’s strong in its own right.

As for other languages, it really depends on what type of programs you’re looking to build. If it’s a webapp python can do you backend (with flask or django frameworks) but javascript (vanilla) and maybe a js framework(react/angular/vue) would handle anything fancy you wanted to do frontend.

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