[How-to] Create a topic that everyone will read

A great topic is one that provides potential helpers with enough information to start helping you answer your question! But, before you go ahead and create a new topic, be sure to search for existing answers!

Use the search feature in the upper right or use Google––a common practice among the developer community.

To create a topic that everyone will read, follow these 5 simple steps:

1 Write a specific and concise title

  • Ex: A good title: “Dasmoto Project: how do I include my images?”
  • Ex: A title that needs work: “im stuck help plzzz”.

2 Provide as much information and context as possible in the body of your post.

  • Explain what you were attempting to do and how –– ie. your thought process and approach.

3 Format your code

  • Copy and paste your code into the composer (ie. text box), highlight it, and find and click on the </> icon in the tool navbar.

4 Reference Additional Resources

  • Include screenshots and URLs to the lesson, quiz, or project you’re stuck on.

5 Follow the Community Guidelines.

If you remember to do the steps above, we’re confident you’ll get accurate and fast responses to your questions!