How to create a subfolder webpage

A “sub-folder”, in my case:

Litterally, an actual folder. On the computer.

BUT i’ve seen THIS:

but i can only do THIS:

How can I do a “subfolder webpage”?
EDIT: So “” is an actual webpage, huh?

I know someone knows

please? there is no one trying but i N E E D it.

Seriously… stop spamming and just rephrase your question, it’s unclear what you want to achieve.

If you want to create a subfolder you should create a subfolder.

This website doesn’t end with .html. I can’t seem to create a page like that.
It ends with a subfolder.

Do you use any server? You can achieve this easily by modifying .htaccess file.

If this is a static site you can create this file structure:

- index.html
- /something
--- index.html

and now /something will lead to the second index.html (placed inside this folder). Please note that I assume that index.html is the default name for the web page.

no, it exists on my computer :confused:

To make it visible for others you will have to upload it somewhere and this method will work.

To check how your site will work in the real server environment you can install Python and then in the main directory of your web page run the command:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

and you will be able to view your page at address localhost:8000.

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um… i only want to show it to my dad

It’s completely fine, but you still need a local server to use this method. Python with SimpleHTTPServer is the easiest solution, in my opinion.

I don’t think that you can achieve this without local server, but I might be wrong.

If you only want to show it to your dads then why does it matter what the URL looks like? Aren’t you just showing him the design etc?

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