How to create a Q & A on discuss.codecamadmy witch is UPDATED! A

  1. first to make text click a B in posting
    this is a I on it want to do this?

    lollllllllllll well click this </>

the rest we don’t need to worry about but do want emjicons!
you can do stuff like :bathtub: buy cliking the smile or typing


for original go to

along with

just so you know the


is a example

cool this is a school laptop and they blocked youtube so when i clicked the youtube icon it took me to youtube without saying this is not a private site how does that work

` and how do you use the marker thing

arr what marker
this is because needs 20: charecters



well the school blocked youtube and that is why it wont let you

i was talking about the red marks on the snapshot how do you do that

and my school blocked youtube how come YOU guys don’t have it blocked if it’s the same thing (ame URL almost) same everything

you take a snapshot/screenshot, you copy it to paint, draw some lines, save it, and upload that to codecademy

how do you copy it to paint

open paint (the program, it is installed on windows by default), right click and select paste (or ctrl + v), make sure your screenshoot is on your clipboard

oh i don’t have windows this is a school laptop and it’s chromebook i can’t download software like that no wonder i didn’t know and was confused

Gimp? There are online programs as well:

i use sumopaint in my artclass at school just how do i use it to draw on my snapshot

save your screenshot, then on sumopaint, file -> open from my computer, browse to your screenshot, and voila, you can draw on your image

thanks dude you made my day