How to create a few demos to show off to potential employers?

I’ve been advised that I need to make a few demos and then upload them to Github, to show to potential employers. Can anyone suggest how to do that, how to create some demo work?

I’ve studied the HTML and CSS sections about 5 times, the JavaScript section around 10 or 15 times, and done the Web Develoption career path course. I guess I am aiming at front-end work since those things are all front-end.

Also, can anyone explain the exact process of showing a demo to employers, is it a demo that is already done, or is it done live during the interview?

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If you’re looking to show off your front-end chops to potential employers, why not create a portfolio site?

Essentially, you’d register a domain for yourself and get some hosting, then put up a page showing what you can do and providing some more info about yourself (like where you’re looking for work, what tech you know how to use etc).

This way, you establish a presence on the web that you can put on your resume for employers to look at, but there’s nothing stopping you from having a “main” portfolio site - then a couple of “demo” pages coming off it, showing off different designs you’ve come up with. You could even offer them as templates, if you were feeling generous.

This might also be of use:

Just a thought. :slight_smile: