How to create a box to track the current value of type "range" input?

How can i create a box that tracks the current value of the input element with type “range” ?

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I’m not sure what you’re asking exactly, would you mind clarifying further? Do you mean a box that has a number inside which auto updates with the input with the type of range?

Thank you for instant reply.
what you said is exactly what i want: a read-only box that show the current value of type=“range” in the input element. If i use the input element with only type=“range” it only shows me a slide-bar without the current value of its.

That shouldn’t be too hard, do you know how to operate the DOM with JavaScript? If you do, you can use this:

let currentValue = document.getElementByID("rangeInputBar").value;

This will give us the current value for the input bar, and should help out. Try basing your code off of this example block.

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I haven’t learned Javascript. I’m currently at the “form” section.
Thanks for your help !

No problem, I’d definitely recommend trying to do this again when you finish JavaScript.

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