How to Copy and Paste on HTML editor

I can’t copy and pest on the html editor.
Please, how can I copy and pest on the html editor?

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To which editor are you referring?
I believe you can copy/paste in Codecademy’s editor the same as you operating systems copy/paste command. Eg. [ctrl + c] to copy and [ctrl + shift + v] to paste, for windows and Chrome.

I have tried it and it worked on Codecademy html editor. Thank you very much.

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Thank you for the copy and pest solution, it was helpful. Please, I need to know how to cut and pest.on the codecademy html or css editor.

Hi @script5157225619! To cut, just select the text you want to cut and press Control + X. To paste it, press Control + V.

It worked perfectly. Thank you so much for your response.

It worked. Thank you so much.

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No problem @script5157225619!

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