How to copy 4and paste the code


Can anyone help me how to pot code because if I copy and paste it it comes in the form of a small box


sure, you can read this help topic:

That should help.


I dont get it is this the method

\\ code\\
and also if i write 3 \ it shows only 2


because backslash are often use for escaping characters? you can simply use the backticks?

or copy your code to the forum, select your code, press the </> button above the box you are typing in, and your code gets indented to show nicely on the forum


Is it code
because it is not working



yea, code is now highlighted, that is good. I edited your answer, now you can see how it should be done, just edit it :wink:


thank u for patiently answering all my questions but can u edit this reply which has the codeblock to make the code appear so that I can completely understand
In advance Thank u very much