How to continue Coding?

I’ve finished the Computer Science course. What should I do next to continue growing as a coder?

If you consider yourself to be an advanced coder, how did you get to where you are today? What did you do/use?


Hello @jaccobtw, I am not an advanced coder, but I have been where you are. What I did was to do challenge projects, and set projects of my own, using the skills that I learnt. You could then also take the individual courses of the languages learnt in the CS course (SQL and Python, if I remember correctly). After that, you could either continue to do courses relating to Python (Pandas, etc) and SQL, or do more projects on your own.
I hope this helps!


Thanks for your input. Where do you find these challenge projects? Are they under a specific course?

These projects are in the dashboard, under ‘projects’:

It offers projects on SQL, Python, among other languages.
Happy coding!

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I find one of the best ways to increase your skills is to create a personal project.
For the most part I have worked in web developement, so I am working on making an interactive reference sheet, for several languages, that can be used offline.

Created your own project, using what you know, can help sharpen your skills.
You will most likely learn more too when you stumble on a problem you don’t understand, and have to learn something new to solve it.

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