How to confirm my future as a programmer?

Hey guys this is my first post in the community so I hope I’m in the right section.

I’m 16 years old and I’m visioning myself as a programmer in the future. What I need are some tips on what to work on until I enlist a college (2 years left) and if anyone could maybe point out some good college choices, preferably for the Eastern Europe region (more precisely the Balkans)

I’m definitely naming too many things all at once, these are big topics.

  • a general-purpose editor (I suggest vim, but this is highly opinionated/preference)
  • gnu/linux (install in a virtual machine)
  • some languages (python, js, c/c++, are some widely used languages with mostly non-overlapping purposes… perhaps a functional language just for the sake of perspective)
  • problem-solving. check out online judges

This youtube channel, and I’m sure there are others, has a decent overview of history and theory:

google everything.

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thanks :slight_smile: I’ll give it my best