How to compare a string's length to see if it is > 10 in exercise one!



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Hi there everyone! :slight_smile:

Brand new to this kind of computing - as might be apparent as Im stuck already a few minutes into exercise one :frowning: I hope I linked it okay. Under part 4; Booleans Im being asked to find out if “Im coding like a champ” has a length greater than 10. Its length is 23. I can see that in the preview screen on the right… but I don’t know how to put the query or statement of 23 > 10 in - I keep getting asked to check if its greater than 10, so Im thinking Im leaving out quotes or something when I right 23 > 10.

Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks a million, love from Ireland! :smiley:

document.write( "I'm coding like a champ".length ); ( 23 > 10 )

Oops, try again. Check if "I'm coding like a champ".length is greater than 10 characters.


your code should be-
( “I’m coding like a champ”.length );
document.write( 23>10 )
becuase you just want to know the Booleans value is true or not???ok?but your code is only what is the length of your answer shoul be always 23 not true.
any question???