How to come out with a new idea on web designing


Hi, I had beem learning html and css from this academy. I wanted to build a website for my frisbee team. Somehow, I found it very difficult to create because I just don"t know what design should I come out with and I felt not really confident in what im doing. Really appreciate all the help from you all. Cheers mate


Try this page for some information on using basic HTML and CSS to create a website.


I think this page, while it could be helpful to a new developer, uses really depreciated concepts like the font tags, and the design in their portfolio is pretty outdated.
You yould check i use this when I need new design ideas.

Web design and SEO

Thanks for sharing the link @825orion, there’re good chunks of information there.

And thank you for your link too @laurarey315, the site is really aesthetically pleasing! Would love to ask for more similar links if you have more. Really appreciate some beautiful and great designs.



A quick google search is what did it for me.


Haha, I thought it was a bookmarked source from your side. I have a tendency of keeping those websites I found useful in my bookmark folders. That said, there are not much collection of HTML related stuff sitting there as it’s not my current priority. Still, I appreciate the two recommended links above. While you both think what’s worth sharing, I find those worth keeping as well.

Cheers :slight_smile: