How to collect data on my time spent in Codecademy?

How do I create a timer that starts/resumes counting when Codecademy is open in the browser, and then pauses when Codecademy is not open in the browser? I want to collect actual time spent on codecademy in hours/minutes, not just number of days per week as is being displayed on the dashboard.

Kinda like if I was my own boss checking if my employee(me) was working enough hours.

Good day!

Have a look into Timely by Does pretty much what you are looking for however, it is a paid service.

Alternatively, if you want to do the time tracking manually, Asana is a good way with the Harvest Tracker built-in, or You can look into Harvest as a stand-alone app.

Hope this helps.

One easy way to hack this is by looking at your browser’s History right after you finish a study session. It will display the time that a page was visited. You can see the beginning of the “timer” when the first Codecademy page was visited, and if you see that a non-Codecademy page was visited, you now know when you tabbed away, and similarly, when you returned. Add it up, and you’ll get a rough idea of how much time you spent on Codecademy.

You may have to remember to manually refresh your page when you get back on Codecademy, or change some setting in your browser’s preferences so that the page automatically refreshes every time you tab back to an existing tab.

It’s probably best to do this as soon as you finish your session, so you can supplement the browser’s history data with your own memory, if needed.

Hope this was clear / helpful!