How to Code e-learning with Python

Hi codecademy community, i´m quite new in coding and i am learning python. I want to start a project to help my friends learn some easy German. I was looking already for some example code but i didn’t find nothing. Do you have any advice?
I just want some to learn words like a database with 200 Words, if correct ,next, if not it goes back to unanswered words and so on.

Kind Regards,

Hi there!

The complexity of the project will depend on how many features you are hoping to include on this project.
For example:

  • Will this be a command-based program? or are you hoping it will have a UI (User Interface) with buttons and messages?
  • Do you want to score your friends after they answer each question? Or keep it simple and just do correct/incorrect?
  • How and where do you want to store the questions and the solutions? Locally or online?

Since you said you are very new to coding, I’m going to assume you want the simplest possible approach. For that, try to learn how to:

  • Write a program that collects user input
  • Loops and control-flow statements so you can check if their answer is correct or not, and ask the next question
  • How to save information in your code with arrays or dictionaries, and how to access that data from other parts of your program

Hope that helps!