How to check my JS code block by block as I go (before finishing the whole project)?

I’m working on the ChoreDoor project and ticking off the boxes, but I have no clue if any of the lines I’m writing actually works.
The web IDE doesn’t have a linter, doesn’t mark syntax errors, and I also can’t run the code after writing a new block - all I can do for now is click the save button and click around in the page preview, but that only tells me is “no reaction, bcs you’re not done with the entire thing yet”. All of this makes me feel like walking in the dark, so I wanted to know this:
How can I run my code block by block as I’m writing it, so I can fix errors before moving on to the next task?

You can also check the console of the browser - sometimes that’s in the Developer Tools menu.
That may help with finding errors.

The browser console typically looks very messy - it’s hard for a newbie to find the information relevant to my code.

Any idea how to clean that up somehow so “my errors” are easier to find?

It would actually be incredibly useful to have a lesson or small course dedicated to just finding your way around the browser console to leverage it in your development.

I usually start from the end of everything listed in the console - and see whether the file I’m working on is mentioned.

Would you happen to know if the browser console and its use for development is explained in more detail in any existing Codecademy courses? From a cursory search, I can’t find anything.

I think there are a few bits close to the end of the Intermediate JavaScript course, and I think its mentioned in the Building Interactive JavaScript Websites course, but nothing really significant.